Enable International Veterinary School

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Modern pig production is a challenging and rewarding enterprise. We are not just involved in the raising of pigs but in the production of protein for the human diet.

A new generation of veterinarians, technical experts and production managers realize that pig production is a multidisciplinary endeavour requiring expertise in multiple areas. The goal of the Enable International Veterinary School is to equip technical people with the skills and information they need to improve production, ensure stability, reduce variability, and prevent losses from infectious and multifactorial diseases, while improving quality and promoting consumer confidence in the wholesomeness of pork products.

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Presently African Swine Fever has intruded itself upon the world scene with its ability to devastate pig populations and stop production. But before ASF, the China pig industry was daemonized by an overwhelming number of infectious and multifactorial conditions such as PRRS, PED, PCVAD, PRV, infertility syndromes, excessive mortality in sows and too high morbidity and mortality all stages of production. Overall, the reliance upon antibiotics and medicine to control disease and bolster production has been much too high. Options are increasingly limited by concerns about human health effects of products used to control chronic production diseases. Burgeoning antimicrobial resistance reduces the effectiveness of treatments and further limits treatment options.

We must learn to prevent and eliminate diseases from our farms and reduce their impact. The modern pig consultant must be an expert diagnostician. It means he must not only understand pathology but he must be able to distinguish conditions caused by problems with feeds and feeding and nutrition from those caused by environment and genetics and those that are purely or partly the result of infectious diseases. Not many colleges and universities promote the general systems approach and the work of the generalist. More and more there is specialization and narrowing of focus and even alienation among different disciplines.

This is why Enable International Veterinary School is formed...to bring together experts from different areas of specialization so that the new generation expert is able to understand the interplay of genetics, nutrition, animal environment, and classical infectious disease in producing the syndromes that we see. The well-equipped pig expert must have an understanding of pig nutrition, genetics, reproductive physiology, statistical epidemiology, databases and data analysis, animal housing structures and environmental control systems, biosecurity, virology, microbiology, pathology, personnel management, and economics.

Enable Agricultural Technology Consulting of Beijing is uniquely situated to help bridge the gap between the need of the pig industry for qualified systems thinkers and top experienced international and domestic experts. Enable International Veterinary School hopes to bring the most comprehensive, systematic, and practical knowledge and technology to a new generation of veterinarians, technical experts, and managers. Our training programs will help you to improve production, achieve production stability, reduce variability, and prevent disease problems. Losses will be reduced, quality will be ensured, and consumer confidence in pork products will be increased.